Swirling Doom!

On the Road to Winterhaven

At the Nentir Inn, on the outskirts of the city of Fallcrest, five adventurers met. For their own reasons each one desired to head to Winterhaven. With safety in numbers, the adventurers banded together with a merchant caravan, for the five-day journey. When the caravan was forced to turn back due to a broken axle, the adventurers chose to continue to Winterhaven together. As night came, they took shelter in a barn owned by an old farmer named Boc. The second day came and went, and as night came the party decided to push ahead; another caravan had left for Winterhaven before theirs and they wished to catch it up. On the third day, they were ambushed on the road by a pack of shifty Kobolds.

The ranger, Myst, who had scouted ahead, was quickly surrounded and took the brunt of the Kobold ambush. The two dwarven brothers, Gotrek and Durgan Sunstone, seeing their new companion in trouble, charged headlong into the fight. Meanwhile, the fighter, Blaze, found himself flanked by two well-coordinated Kobolds clad in Dragonscale. With the Kobolds’ engaged, the wizard, Verro, retreated away from the combat to concentrate his magics. The five were victorious, slaying every last Kobold. After looting the corpses of any worth, they continued on to Winterhaven. On the road, the party came upon an abandoned wagon, which had shown signs of recent attack.

The party arrived at the gates to Winterhaven, having found no further trouble, and took rest inside the walled town at Wrafton’s Inn. There, they conversed with some of the patrons. The wizard, believing his charms to be great, insulted a female elven ranger with an offer of companionship. The drunken dwarven cleric, meaning to apologise for his friend’s unwelcome advances with the offer of dwarven ale, insulted her further. The fighter, looking for an answer, questioned the intelligence of a sage named Valthrun, who seemed to take the insult lightly. With little success, they retired to the inn’s guestrooms. The next day, the party explored Winterhaven. The wizard, concerned for his missing friend, Douven Staul, who had set out from Fallcrest and had not returned, spoke to Salvana the proprietor of Wrafton’s. Salvana recounted that a man fitting Douven’s description had set out for a dragon burial ground to the southwest of Winterhaven. Believing his friend to be in grave danger, Verro urged his new companions to make for the burial ground as soon as possible, and in return he would aid them in their personal quests. We left the group as they prepared to set out for the burial ground.



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