Swirling Doom!

Breaching the Keep, Part Two

Following the first goblin encounter, our intrepid adventurers took a short rest and dusted themselves down. A quick scout of the room revealed a number of side passages, stairways and doors leading away in different directions. The party decided to head east, through a small door and down a short stairwell that led into a long corridor. As the heroes ventured forth, Jin edging ahead stealthily, there appeared to the right an opening into an un-walled cavern. The party decided to ignore this for the moment and head on along the corridor, coming finally to a large open room. Jin slyly peered around the corner and discerned a number of goblin workers, apparently digging. The room was partially excavated, and Myst understood from their conversation that these goblins were indeed searching for something under the instruction of somebody else, grumbling about their workload. The room was mostly now a deep trench, and the few columns of earth that still reached floor level were interconnected by a series of wooden planks. Jin seized the opportunity of surprise and let fly a crossbow bolt before dashing back to cover. The goblins attention was caught and battle commenced.

The party moved up and stormed the room. Myst ran ahead in an attempt to reach the closest goblin, only to be foiled when the tricky critter kicked away the plank that granted access between their locations. Two guard drakes, like those seen guarding the dragon burial mound, were now revealed in the trenches and were quickly heading toward a ramp up to the party’s platform. The goblins began launching javelins at our heroes, while Jin retaliated by peppering them with more bolts. Blaze and Gotrek charged to the ramp, cutting off the approaching drakes while Durgan began healing those hit by the incoming javelins. As the goblins retreated toward the back of the room, displacing the wooden walkways that joined the platforms, Verro conjured psychic attacks from his crystal ball in order to slow their progress. As the drakes fell beneath their smiting axe, hammer and sword, Blaze and the dwarf brothers ran down the ramp and along the trench to reach the goblins’ platforms. Following the decimation of the first goblin by arrows, bolts and psychic torment, Jin leapt down into the muddy excavations while Myst took a running jump over one of the gaps. In an attempt to reach one of the remaining enemies, Jin tried to climb the earth pillar at the end of the room only to have the soil crumble away beneath her. One goblin tried to push down the ladders leading up to his elevated position, but to no avail; Blaze quickly repositioned the ladder and upon reaching the top bashed the creature backwards with his shield, quickly dispatching him with his sword and leaving only one foe remaining. Seeing the odds towering against him, the final goblin threw up his arms and shrieked in the squeaky language of his people. Having studied the goblin tongue in his endevour to know his enemy, Myst was able to act as an interpreter. “I give up, dont kill me”, he begged, dropping his weapons. In interrogating the creature, who identified himself as Gable, he reveals what little he knows, or says he knows.
“I don’t know much, Balgron doesn’t tell us much, just wants us to dig here for shiny treasure. We haven’t found anything except one thing that I am not supposed to know about. Poison-Licker over there….” Here he pointed to the dead goblin on the other platform, “he didn’t want anyone else to know what he found and he said it wasn’t worth anything but I ain’t no dumb one… I know he found something, so if you don’t kill me, I will show you what he has.”
It wasn’t hard to look through the garments of so small a being and his secret was soon found, a grubby, dirt covered symbol dedicated to Moradin.



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